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The Chap

Something is amiss in society. At every level, the populace worships an unholy trinity of aspiration, vulgarity and self-regard, while qualities such as courtesy and favoir-faire are pushed aside in the name of progress. Youth has abandoned dandyism in favour of logo-spattered sportswear and mobile gadgetry, while men of business sell their souls to large corporations in exchange for so-called designer lifestyles.

It is time for all decent fellows to stand up and be counted. Naturally unsuited to all forms of physical exertion, we must prepare for a revolution based on excessive languor and dressing very nicely indeed. The hour is nigh for the Tweed Revolution. In The Chap magazine, The Chap Manifesto and The Chap Almanac the casual reader will receive instruction on every aspect of overthrowing an indifferent and inelegant society. Learn how to adjust your gloves with the correct degree of insouciance, how to behave at the revolutionary dinner table, and what items to pack in your anarcho-dandyist toolkit. Study the precedents set by distiguished Chaps of history such as Montesquiou and David Niven. Once you have mastered the sartorial and behavioural basics, you can move on to more advanced tactics such as Trouser Semaphore and Random Acts of Common Courtesy.

Excerpts from
The Chap Manifesto


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