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After 15 years of concentrating exclusively on painting Nick Jolly embarked on a haphazard writing career in tandem with his pursuits as an artist. This initially took the form of articles penned for the Art Review. Then in 1999 he co-founded The Chap magazine, under the alter ego of Vic Darkwood, with his erstwhile colleague Gustav Temple. During this time, as well as producing a quarterly magazine, they also wrote 3 spin-off Chap books.

At the end of 2003 Vic Darkwood left The Chap, as he felt that his work on that periodical was done. At the time he cited 'artistic differences' and 'a pronounced fatigue at superimposing yet more pipes onto vintage photographs of gentlemen' as his reasons for leaving, but an urge to dedicate himself more fully to the studio was the real motivation.Despite these best resolve, in 2005 he collaborated once more with Gustav Temple to construct a final Chap tome and then in 2006 wrote his first solo book The Lost Art of Travel (published in the U.S. under the title: How to Make Friends and Oppress People)

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